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Benefits of studying in an IB School

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What are the benefits of studying or pursuing education in an IB School.

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  1. Jennifer on Feb 11, 2011

    Education is the biggest gift that any parent can give to his child. It’s the foundation for a bright future. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma was first conceptualized in post-war Europe, when educators at the International School of Geneva working with others from the Atlantic College in Wales wanted to find a means of offering a rigorous, holistic and internationally-sensitive curriculum that would be more appropriate for their pupils.
    IB schools are increasing in all of the countries. In IB school there are students from different nationality so it gives them a change to mingle with each other and know about different country and their lifestyle.
    The International school lays a lot of emphasis on extra-curricular activities like sports, dramatics, yoga, dance, music and talent shows. This gives them an overall development. These schools makes students an active learner.
    While studying in International school one gets a chance to be multilingual. They are able to learn other languages along with their mother tongue and English. This helps them better in communication and job. IB is accepted by universities worldwide, most guidance and careers counselors working with IB Diploma pupils makes an effort to assist graduates with university admission virtually anywhere. This makes admission easier for Internationally mobile families.
    IB has almost 30-year track record and network of schools worldwide; it is offered in almost 1400 schools in 116 countries. Here teachers are also supported through the Online Curriculum Center, a professional development and resource website with a panel of subject area experts, as well as an online forum for communicating with other IB educators around the world.

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