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Can you help me write my essay about violence in schools?

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Can you help me write my essay about violence in schools? I’m writing my essay for Sociology class and I need a lot of quotations.

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  1. Sarah on Oct 10, 2012

    Hi Sheila! I saw your question “Can you help me write my essay about violence in schools?” I know it’s really frustrating to write an essay of any topics if you’re not a born writer. I’ve asked the same question before and just like other students I’ve felt a little frustrated. I’ve posted questions like “Can you help me write my essay?”Luckily, I found a good resource on how to write my essay for me. I hope this post could help solve your problem. I do my essay with the following steps:

    1. Research. I make a research about my topic on violence. One essay I did under this was “school bullying.” I used the internet and took notes from all the resources I garnered.
    2. Analyze. I found a resource on “write my essay for me” and saw that writing an essay also need analysis of data. I started finding evidence and analyze arguments in those essays I read.
    3. Brainstorm. This is an essential part to write my essay because it leads to an intelligent essay. I asked myself of questions and answered them. I tried to take walks and started thinking and meditating. This way I had fresh insights of the topic I’d write about.
    4. Thesis. I formed a thesis question based from those ideas I brainstormed, so I began to write my essay for me without going off topic. I picked my best idea about school bullying. I summed up in a sentence or two what I wanted readers to know about it. Take note that without a thesis, you won’t have a clear idea of what to write.
    5. Outline. I was able to make an outline based from the thesis on how to write my essay for me. This helped me make a structure of my essay without getting lost.
    6. Do my essay. Now that I did all the needed steps, I began to write my essay based from what’s in my outline. In writing an essay, follow the correct format: introduction, paragraphs or body of the essay, and conclusion.
    7. Proofread. Now that I’m done with all parts on how to do my essay, I proofread my essay and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Because I wanted my essay to look as professional just as how “Write My Essay” does it, I concluded proofreading my essay before submission.
    There you have the 7 tips on how to write my essay about violence in school. I hope I’ve given you advice you can follow and apply. Good luck!

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