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Contemporary architecture that will prove timeless.

Before I write my essay on contemporary architecture, we need to know about various features used in architecture.
When we talk about contemporary architecture, it means architecture of today. It is generally recognized that contemporary architecture is an evolution of modern architecture. Modern architecture refers to the building style of the early to mid-20th century. In contemporary home the build ups are such to meet all the modern needs. The use of natural light plays a big part in this style. For this reason, large and expansive windows are a common feature of contemporary homes.

In this particular style of architecture emphasis is being laid on conserving energy. They use natural and recycled materials, thus creating Eco-friendly houses. Contemporary homes brings the nature and their impacts closer to us. In many houses they have roof openings, solar panels, patio and sloped appearance forming landscape. Use of bamboo flooring is quite common too. When we talk about floor architecture, the bottom floor is reserved for eating and relaxing, and the bedrooms are upstairs. Moving bedroom to the first floor gives more privacy.

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Features of a contemporary home thus may include, an irregular or unusually shaped frame, an open floor plan, over-sized windows, the use of “green” components, a lack of ornamental details, or organic design. These things will never go old with time and will be easily adapted and liked by common man too.

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