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The Olympic Games are a tremendous event with roots that can be traced right back to the ancient Greek games held in Olympia from around the 8th to the 4th centuries BC. The modern games as we know them however really began back in 1896 through the formation of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) which held the first modern Olympic Games in Athens. The Olympic games are held every 4 years on a leap year while the Winter Olympics fall between them allowing us to have Olympic events every 2 years. There are also Youth Olympic events and Para-Olympic Games also.

Your introduction to your essay about Olympic Games should mention all of these facts to introduce your reader to the subject of the Olympic Games and you should then go on to describe what it is that you will investigate or discuss through the main body of your essay. You could discuss many subjects within your essay from the history of the games all the way through to how the games have become more commercial and their cost.

The Main Body of Your Essay about Olympic Games

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The main body of any essay should be split into a number of paragraphs, each paragraph focusing on an individual element of the subject that you wish to discuss. So for instance if you were writing an essay that wishes to discuss the history of the Olympic games you may break down your paragraphs to cover the following subjects:
  • The ancient history of the Olympic Games
  • Forerunners to the current Olympic Games
  • Formation of the IOC and the first Games
  • The Olympic Games during the first half of the 20th Century.
  • Modern Olympic Games.

Of course these are only a small sample of what you could write about. There are many issues surrounding the Olympics that you could discuss within your essay about Olympic Games such as the participation of women, the use of performance enhancing drugs, politics and even the cost of hosting the games.

Concluding Your Essay about Olympic Games

Your conclusion is where you sum up all that you have discussed and then add your personal comments. This is your opportunity to provide your own insights which could cover your opinions as to which sports are played to where you think future games should be held and why.

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