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Give me some parenthetical words to write my essay impressive

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I want to write my essay in impressive way and i feel lack of parenthetical words and clauses. Please, help me to write nontrivial essay!

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  1. Yan on Dec 13, 2011

    Using appropriate parenthetical (linking) words is very important for a successful essay. They are completely necessary in an essay, however, the abundance of them may be harmful too. In other words, you should use parenthetical words wisely, considering their meaning and style if you want your essay to benefit from them.

    Parenthetical words and expressions are used for different reasons.They may be helpful, for example, if you will need to introduce your own opinion on the subject. In this case you can use the following: In my opinion/In my view/;To my mind;To my way of thinking;Personally I believe that/ I think that…;It strikes me that;I feel very strongly that;I’m inclined to believe that;It seems to me that;As far as I am concerned, etc.

    Also, you may need to use some linking words in order to show the sequence of idea in your essay. In order to state the first idea, mind such expressions as: First(ly);First of all;For a start;In the first place;Initially;To begin/start with;Let us begin/start by;First and foremost, etc.

    The next group of phrases may help you to develop your ideas: Second(ly)/third(ly);In the second place;Subsequently;Simultaneously;And then;Next;Formerly/previousely, etc.

    Finally, in order to conclude your essay, I recommend you using these: Summing up/to sum up;To conclude/in summary;Finally;In short/in brief; On the whole; Ultimately; Last/lastly; Last of all; Last but not the least.

    In addition, If you would like to add extra information to what has already been said, it might be a good idea to use the following expressions:Equally important; Furthermore; Further; In addition; Moreover.

    While writing your essay you may want to give special emphasis to some arguments. In this case try using such expressions to help you: Indeed/truly; In fact/actually; Notably
    Particularly/specifically; Indeed/truly; In fact/actually; Notably; Particularly/specifically, etc

    To conclude, this is not the full list of the existing parenthetical words and clauses, but this should be enough for one essay for sure 😉

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