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Help me to write my English essay on a proverb

To write my essay on a proverb, the first thing I will do is go through the list of proverbs and pick one that I think I can relate to and fully understand. For example, I will use the saying “a penny saved is a penny earned”.

Before I start to write my essay, I will sit down and think about this line. Do I really understand what it means? If I don’t, I should because that will help me write my essay in less time and without too many problems.

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Got the meaning of a penny saved is a penny earned? I think so. Now, I can think of how I can apply this in my life or how I have applied it in my life. Is there any experience in my life where I have had to save my money so I can buy something that I want? Have I taken any part-time jobs so I don’t have to ask my parents to buy the things I like? Do I save my allowance for other things or spend it right away? Do I even save my money even though I have a part-time job? I may be asking a lot of questions but this helps me give a very personal feel to my essay.

Now that I have answered how this saying is applied in my life, I can write my essay and give examples which relate to my life.

But wait right there! Before anything else, I will explain the meaning of a penny saved is a penny earned. This saying means that it is as useful to save money that you already have as it is to earn more. I can give examples of what this means so my readers will have a concrete understanding of the proverb.

Once I have that done, I will go back to relating the proverb to my life. I simply go back to the questions I answered earlier and talk about that.

And that is my essay on the proverb “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

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