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Help me to write my essay ‘distribution of condom in school’

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Help me to write my essay ‘distribution of condom in school’

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  1. Jennifer on Apr 15, 2011

    To write my essay on this, I would say the topic of sex and school is going on since a long time. Sex education should be there in school or not, distribution of condom in school is also a part of such topic.

    Sex education is given in school to protect students from sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and abortion among teens. Parents generally do not feel comfortable discussing such topics with their children, so school is the best medium to help them. It is a general thinking that distribution of condoms at school, increases the sex rate amongst the teens. In contrast to this the fact is that it protects sexually active teenagers from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Providing information about contraception and how to have “safer” sex is an integral part of comprehensive sex education.

    Most of the shops don’t keep condoms in a glass case, what is the reason behind it. The reason is they feel shy to discuss about sex. But until the coming generation is not aware about it they can not protect themselves from disease like HIV. This is not only a way to protect from STD disease but also a way to prevent pregnancy at early age and even controls the birth rate.

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