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Help me to write my essay on history. My topic is the Bill of Rights.

To write my essay on the Bill of Rights, I would start by defining what the Bill of Rights is. A Bill of Rights is a list of the most important rights that citizens have in a country. The term Bill of Rights came from England when there existed a Bill of Rights in 1689. I can also discuss the difference between an entrenched and untrenched Bill of Rights.

Once I have that, I can write my essay on the Bill of Rights. But before I get to that, I should do my research and read about the subject matter. It helps to fully understand the Bill of Rights before I go into writing about its history.

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From there, I list down questions that I want to answer when I write my essay and make an outline so I won’t get lost while writing. When I have those done, I can start to write my essay.

First thing I would mention is the timeline of the Bill of Rights. I would discuss when it came into place and the highlights that happened through the years since the development of this spanned many, many years. I can also talk about the predecessors or what were the rights extended to the citizens before the Bill of Rights came into place.

After this, I would discuss the changes made throughout the years. Such as the years when the Bill was ratified.

With that, I have my essay on the history of the Bill of Rights.

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