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Help me to write my essay on the history of Olympic Games

To write my essay on the history of the Olympic Games, I would start by giving an overall view of the Olympic Games. For example, I will say that it is an international event consisting of various sports in which thousands participate in. I will also say how often the games are held. I can also name some of the sports included in the games.

When I have that down, I can continue to write my essay on the history of the Olympic Games. I can begin by talking about the games in the ancient times. Since this was the root of the modern Olympic Games, I can explain how the games came into existence and who they were made for.

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After talking about the Olympics in ancient times, I can talk about the revival of the games in between the 1700s and 1800s when I write my essay. Various attempts to revive the games were made but it was only in 1896 that a revival had become successful.

Once I’m done discussing the early history of the Olympics, I can focus on the summer and winter Olympics and discuss the history of each. I can also talk about the changes made throughout the years for both sets of games when I write my essay. I can talk about the different kinds of Olympics Games (which I have mentioned at the beginning of my essay) and when they were implemented by the Olympic Committee.

With those down, I now have an overview of the history of the Olympic Games.

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