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Help me with writing an essay with Romeo and Juliet!

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    Doing an essay with Romeo and Juliet is nice because there are many things you find out. If you still do not read the story of them, you need to start now. You cannot write an essay without knowing any details about what you will write.

    There will be three sections in your essay with Romeo and Juliet: the introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction, you need to introduce who is Romeo and who is Juliet. Tell about what people will find out. You need to male it attention grabbing for readers to continue reading. In the body sections, at least have three main ideas. Get great ideas in the story and make it as your main idea. Write about the role of the two, what they have done and why they are part of the story. In the conclusion, wrap up what you discussed. Never mention any new ideas.

    You can discuss about ancient grudge between the 2 households having equal dignity that has been broken out into new mutiny causing blood flow in streets of Verona and result to the deaths of star-cross’d lovers. Mention what other characters feel, what are their roles also and other things that important in your essay.
    Since it is only a summary, make it short. Just provide only the relevant details. Writing about the issues and events is a good thing. Since you are writing an essay with Romeo and Juliet, focus on these two people. You can add other characters but it is better when you provide much information of the two. In writing, focus on your topic and relate ideas to them. The information must be connected to each other, flow logically and smoothly. Do this for easy understanding. There you go some advices on how you can write your essay about Romeo and Juliet.


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