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Help me write my essay on ‘ food production’

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Help me write my essay on ‘ food production’

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  1. Jennifer on Mar 18, 2011

    To write my essay on this, I need to know what is food production. Food production is cultivation of plants and domestication of animals. While talking on this topic, we need to remember that it is the effort of millions of farmers that we have food to eat. The technology and the methods used by a traditional farmers in the olden days have been over come by new methods which has increased the food production.

    The use of machine from plowing to threshing, harvesting and so on gives a better yield of crops. The use of high yielding varieties of seeds, use of pesticides to control plant disease and use of fertilizer are a few reasons to get increase in the yield of crops.
    The technology used by rural food producers are no less.
    1. Improved soil usage through drainage, terrace farming and inter-cropping of food crops, so as not to exhaust the soil has increased the production.
    2. Sustainable use of wild foods and medicinal plants and irrigation and water harvesting has helped a lot.

    The methods of storing the food after production is also an important process. The advancement in the food production technology is useful in many ways. It has resulted in higher volume, efficient production and safer practices. Along with ample of food, it has even provided more job opportunity.

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