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Help me write my essay on “Facebook and its impact on our society”

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Help me write my essay on “Facebook and its impact on our society”

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  1. Jennifer on Mar 10, 2011

    Facebook - good or evil? Your opinion!
    To write my essay on this, I need to lay emphasis on Facebook and its uses. Facebook is one of the social networking site, which binds or brings people together. It brings people together who have similar goals and interest. It helps you to make work connections. You can also get references and build a reputation using corporate social networking tools. It’s a great way to get yourself known and network in your field or industry. It helps you to keep in touch with your friends, relatives who stay far away from you.

    Facebook is also a place of discussion. Try posting any events, you will surely see many comments within no time, so it can be said its a correct place to share your views and opinion. Another benefit of such networking is that its used by millions of people so its one of the best mode of advertisement too.

    Such sites are helpful but can be disadvantageous too. You can waste plenty of your precious time searching on it. Also need to be beware posting your personal information, cell number or any such post that might embarrass you in public.

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