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Help me write my essay on social phobia, please

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  1. Jack Decker on Mar 03, 2011

    This is an anxiety disorder borne out of the fear for public scrutiny and or, analysis. The persons affected are over-conscious over their actions and inactions to the extent that they will choose to withdraw from the social scene so as to avoid the scrutiny. The withdrawal will however become grave and lead to depression. It is said “… (It) appears to be a strong desire to convey a particular favorable impression of oneself to others and marked insecurity about one’s ability to do so,” (Heimberg, 2005 p.69).

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    Personal occurrences and experiences usually lead to such behavior. Heimberg (2005) states the glaring symptoms as (i) the danger to behave in an unbecoming manner (ii) and the fear that such behaviour might lead to a loss of standing in society. This usually leads to the building up of anxiety in the said person which is then manifested in withdrawal and depression.
    Cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended as the best treatment for this disorder. This shall involve counseling of the affected person and the encouragement to join support groups for moral support and sharing. A social phobic shall in this manner be encouraged not to look at himself as a social animal, or as a mirror of society. He should view himself as a normal human being with deficiencies like any other person.

    Social phobia is a cognitive problem. It is manifested through social behaviour change and personal criticism. The fear of failure is the gravest. It is however not a permanent problem which can be arrested if discovered early. Support groups and counseling are usually the best and cheapest remedies for this condition.

    Richard G. Heimberg, (2005).Social phobia: diagnosis, assessment, and treatment. Guilford Press

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