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Help me write my essay on wars and its effects

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Help me write my essay on wars and its effects

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  1. Jennifer on Apr 13, 2011

    To write my essay on this, I would say what ever may be the reason for war but its results and effects can never be pleasure some. Wars can bring only death and destruction. Wars are caused as a result of conflicts and the best way to deal these conflict is by discussion and negotiation.

    War causes irreplaceable destruction, its destroys cities, countries and civilizations. Wars are caused by conflicts between a few people and innocent people, who actually have no say in this matter, pay the price. They who lose lives, are seriously injured and suffer for the rest of their lives. Soldiers fighting in the wars suffer mortally, physically and psychologically as well. Overall, war is not a solution to get peace. The consequences of wars can be seen even after generations. Nagasaki and Hiroshima in world war two are the greatest examples. The counting of death alone in Nagasaki was 20,000 and the number of wounded 50,000. About 70% of there industrial zone was destroyed. Many people died there immediately but the effect of the bomb was so severe that its effects of radiation could be seen generation after generation.

    War can never bring peace and prosperity. It can only cause bloodshed and endless destruction.

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