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Help me write my essay,please! I need compare and contrast essay on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

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  1. Jack Decker on Mar 03, 2011

    Many have contended that there can never be a movie like the original book. This can hold to be true in this case, due to criticisms leveled against the movie. However movie books summon all the six sense while movies merely play on one’s vision and co-relation with real life. It is however debatable on whether the movie and the book are similar.

    Harry Potter compare and contrast for you!
    J.K Rowling’s series have a near fanatical following from children, and avid English readers alike. Those who read the series would obviously be disappointed in the movie since there are many ways that the movie falls short of expectations. Many would say the movie is clumsy and colorless. The series is comical yet the movie is not. The Quidditch school match, played on brooms that fly is far too sloppy and unentertaining. The cast is also composed of characters from minority groups yet the series’ intended audience cuts across all walks of life.
    It is sad that the second room bedroom and Piers Polkien are missing in the film. Arguments have also been put forth as to the accuracy of the film since it depicts Harry meeting Malfoy before doing the sorting; yet he should meet him at Madam Malkins Robes For All Occasions.

    There were hence many instances and characters that were omitted in the film and others introduced. Despite perhaps doing this to meet the director’s demands, it should have been true to the book. As captivating as the series is, the movie too should be. With the main audience being children for J.K Rowling’s series, it is therefore sad that children have nothing to write home about from the movie.

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