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Help me writing an argumentative essay about the positive sides of plastic

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Help me writing an argumentative essay about the positive sides of plastic

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  1. Jennifer on Mar 15, 2011

    While writing my argumentative essay on the positive side of plastic, I need to show the uses of plastic. Can you imagine a world without plastic shopping bags ! Why is plastic bags used so much? The simple reason is that it is cost effective and easy to carry.

    Now a days, the plastic bags we use are recyclable. In any case, these plastic bags are incredibly useful for all sorts of things other than carrying your purchases out to your vehicle. Plastic bags find themselves reincarnated in a million different ways. Plastic is used as a raincoat to prevent you from getting wet. It is used in kitchen for storing things, even as a zip pouch, can be used as funnel or icing cone, as a frosting dispenser. It can be used as your waxing strips. You can even carry your wet umbrella or raincoat in the same bag without wetting other stuff. Can be used to throw your pets poo. It can be used to seal the jars and bottles, can be used as working gloves too.

    You can see the benefits of using the plastic are numerous so instead of banning the use of plastic, government should pay importance on using recyclable plastic bags.

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