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How can I write essay in 25 minute?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    If you do not have much time and you need to write an essay in 25 minutes, then that is not a problem. There are tips or steps you can do to complete your essay on time. First, when you have your topic with you, think of a thesis statement and outline. When you are done, start to focus on composing your content. Spend at least 2 or 3 minutes in every paragraph. Take 3 minutes in writing your conclusion paragraph and go back to the introduction part. Spend at least 3 minutes in revising your introductory paragraph so that it will match the perspective and the tone of the essay. In your introduction, you need to use a hook.

    This can be about key moments in life, personal experience and other things depending on your topic. You can also start with provocation quotation where it can be from source you have used in your essay. You might also want to use a vivid anecdote. It is a short story carrying symbolic and moral weight. In the body paragraph, try to at least have 3 body sections. In each paragraph, focus only in one idea and provides examples.

    In the conclusion part, you summarize your thoughts. End your essay with point and clear information. You should never introduce new arguments or ideas in this part. What you need to do is to restate your thesis as well as your main points. Keep these things in your mind so that can write an essay in 25 minutes. If you need to meet a deadline, manage your time. Time is gold and you need to know how you can able to balance it properly. Not everyone has the chance to make a good essay when they are in a hurry but if you only left with 25 minutes to complete your essay, do your research in a fast way and remember the tips presented. With it, you can surely finish to write an essay in 25 minutes.


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