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How do the farmers use science in their agriculture.

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Write my essay on How do the farmers use science in their agriculture.

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  1. Jennifer on Feb 15, 2011

    To write my essay on benefit of science on agriculture, it is necessary to keep in mind that science is developing day by day.

    The main job of farmer is to grow crops and raise animals. In the ancient time they used animals to plough their fields. Due to inventions of science the things changed, they started using tractors. Now the development is so much that is no manual requirement. Even harvesting, threshing and packaging is done by using machine. There has been development in technology too. Biotechnology is being used. Biotechnologies are techniques that use living organisms to make or modify a product.

    Agricultural science has focused on boosting production through the development of new this new technology called Biotechnology. It has achieved enormous yield gains as well as lower costs for large-scale farming. They have even started with Genetically modifying the crops. Efforts have been made to breed improved seeds, transform the cultivation system, and increase the fertility of land by using fertilizers. They have even started using fertilizers which are less toxic to animals and are easily bio-degradable.

    On the whole, it can be said, education and science has resulted in higher yields and better hybrid variety of crops. The crops are more disease resistance too. This will ultimately result into the removal of poverty and scarcity of food.

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