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How I should start writing my cause and effect essay?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    Writing cause and effect essay is easier compared to other academic writings. In fact, it is easier than what you think because you have a pattern to follow. The pattern is logical and when you are done in creating the outline for your essay, you can able to complete it on time. Basically, cause and effect essay is taught in high school as well as in introductory writing in college. It is about explaining the problem of cause and details about effects having result.

    As general rule, the essay is used in showing how one thing caused the other one to occur wherein the effect is the result. Depending on your essay structure, you can have multiple causes and effects. Before getting started, make a list of possible effects and what are the causes related to it for the essay to be more focused. Make an analysis about the cause and effect to have a clear understanding of how things fit together. You need to have at outline and you can do this by researching if you do not know anything about your topic. If the topic is assigned to you, present a trend, event or phenomenon.

    Explain about the cause’s background and it will be the basis for your paper. Make a decision on what structure you use. In your outline, list the first point or statement. It will be the first effect. Try to list one or more causes that explain why the effect has occurred. List supporting details under the first point and write a sentence leading to next paragraph. For the third and cause effect, list all your points. Insert a conclusion that sum up what you have written. In other words, in writing your cause and effect essay; you need to have an introduction, at least three statements with points and a conclusion.


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