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How many male nurses are there in the nursing field?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    More men like to be nurse. In the new study of United States Census Bureau; they report the number of male nurses and it has tripled since the year 1970. There are about 2.7 percent registered nurses and in the study conducted in the year 2011, the employed male nurse make up to 9.6 percent. There is about 330,000 men nurses that are working in the United States.

    The report looked at data in tracking rates for nursing occupations, which include registered nurses, nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners and licensed vocational nurses. There were 3.5 million being employed in United States in 2011. 78 percent of it are registered nurses. Because of the high salary and expanding job opportunities, male nurses are growing faster. When you talk about wages, the report of US Censes found out that make nurses make more money compared to female nurses.

    For full time female nurses who work year-round, they earned 91 cents for each dollar that make nurses earned. According to the study, female nurses earned 77 cents. This shows that the population in nursing field grows because of the opportunities and wages. There is a report showing about the increase in proportion of make licensed vocational and practical nurses doubled from 3.9 percent to 8.1 percent since 1970.

    Male nurses are found to become nurse anesthetists and found least to become licensed vocational or practical nurses. The highest paid nursing occupation is nurse anesthetists and the lowest paid type of nursing is licensed vocational or practical nurses. There are millions of male nurses in nursing field. When you compute their population in the world, you will be shock that many men are working in the field of nursing. Do more a research to gain more ideas!


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