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How Shakespeare is or is not relevant to modern times?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    It is not a question that stories of Shakespeare are timeless. Many of his writings were classics and he managed to improve it. The thing is it is depends on you whether Shakespeare is relevant today or not. There are poems that he made that are not masterpieces but it makes him a durable person. The masterpieces of him do not give an explanation why he is a durable person.

    Some of his works sucks and the plays he made are vague and lack stage directions. There are plays that set in places that probably do not exist while others are set in anachronistic past. It was obvious that the plays were contemporary stories. Because of this, it makes him flexible. The plays are adapted to different settings and they are intended for editing order to suit audience. On the other hand, modern plays are more specific and it is difficult to imagine compared to plays that were set it in places that do not exist.

    Some of the work of Shakespeare is important to modern times because it reflects good views. It tells a story even though it lacks some stage directions but the good thing is that because of his works, it makes him a durable and flexible person. There are lessons that people can get from him that applies to modern times.

    Shakespeare is a good person with lot of contributions. Even though her writings or plays are not masterpieces, it still plays a great role. It helps people to know more even though some do not exist because of his wide imagination. Regardless, if you are asked to write an essay how Shakespeare is or is not relevant to modern times, ask yourself. Think whether he had contributed or not that is relevant to modern times.


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