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How to Make Short Essays for Kids Powerful and Catchy

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short essays for kids onlineBriefing and educating kids about writing essays and the fun associated with the activity is one of the main goals of parents and teachers who want to inculcate them the value of writing short essays for kids. When writing a short essay, follow this sample.

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Free Short Essays for Kids

Holi: A Great Indian Festival

India is known as the land of festivals and fairs, not mentioning the fun-loving, jolly people who truly enjoy such festivities. In the world, there are so many kinds of festivals, and these are celebrated by Christians, Muslims and Hindus. In India, an important festival is Holi, a festivity for happiness and joy celebrated in March when spring begins.

What is the legend behind Holi? According to natives, the festivity is in honor of Prahlad, a devotee, who was tortured by his father, Hiranyakashyap, because of faith. He was tortured but he did not give up God. Hiranyakashyap asked his sister, Holika, to sit in the fire to burn with Prahlad. Holika burnt but not Prahlad.

How is Holi celebrated? On its day, men and women sing folk songs, sprinkle water and use colored powder on one another. And then, children smear colors on the faces of one another, while the old pass mischievous comments to one another. This festival, according to locals, gets rid of any social inequality common in India, but spread mutual relationships among people.

Free Short Essays for Kids

There you have one of the short essay topics for kids that you can make use of when writing an essay. As you might have noticed, it is important to select a specific and not a general topic to write about so that you can arrive at a brief, but complete explanation of the topic you have chosen to discuss. There are many other shorts essays for kids to use, and one of them is shown here. You can make use of festivals, playtime, pets and other kid interest topics when instructing your pupils or students to write an essay.

We know how hard it is to write short essays on global warming, that’s why we offer a few useful tips to simplify your process.

If you need more help in writing free short essays for kids, feel free letting us know. We got more than a hundred of kids essay ideas for you!

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