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How to structure a law essay?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    Unless told by your professor, you need to follow the instructions they given to you but if they do not provide any structure to follow, here are some advices on how to structure a law essay.

    For an essay to flow logically and smoothly, you must know how to structure a law essay. You need to have an introduction. This section represents ten percent of the word count, which means you need to provide a brief overview of the question and what you want to cover in your essay. The introduction should be simple and short.

    When it comes to the body section, you need to provide answers. You need to present your understanding about your topic and to develop argument. It is a nice idea to relate what you are saying about the topic or the question. In the conclusion part, it represents ten to fifteen percent of the word count. In here, make a summary of your points and main findings. Your arguments and findings must need to be consistent all the time. Avoid introducing new materials or points in the conclusion part. For questions, the length of this section depends on your approach. In summarizing, you only need to get the important points.

    Some tips on how to structure a law essay is a big help for you. You need to know what you must have and what you should not. I hope that what I presented helps you. Be sure that you make first an outline on what you want to tackle before you start writing the introduction, body and conclusion. You need to know what information you should write in every section. The time you are done in researching, knowing what structure to use and gathering all the materials you need, you can start right away in writing your essay.


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