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How to write essay on gambling

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How to write essay on gambling

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  1. Jennifer on Apr 07, 2011

    To write an essay on this, I would like to make it clear that Gambling and Casino both comes together. The casino is an exciting place to visit. Players visit the casino for different reasons. Some take the time to learn the skills needed to play the games with the primary goal of winning money. The majority of players visit the casino for entertainment. Playing the games is an enjoyable experience and the lure of winning money adds to a player’s excitement. Gambling is so exciting that it results in addiction. People who win wants to win again and the the reason which attracts him to play again. Person who losses has a hope to win which makes him to gamble again.

    Under US federal law, gambling is legal in the United States. Inspite of gambling being legal, it effects the life of about 15 million people. More than 3 million of these people have severe gambling addiction.

    Gambling can strain your relationships, interfere with responsibilities at home and work, and lead to financial difficulties. It may even lead you to do things you never thought possible, like stealing money to gamble or taking money meant for your children. You need to decide for your self gambling addiction or no gambling.

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