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I’ve got a nursing degree in one state and now I am shifting to another one. Will I be able to directly start my nursing career in there?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    If you decided to move from one state to another, there are few things you need to prepare. It is important that you obtain a license before you go or begin the rolling process. Keep in mind that getting a license for another state is time consuming and you need patience.
    Moving from one state to another is easy like reading ABC but you need to have a plan on what things you must do. There are variable you need to control and what you should not. You will not have a hard time to move from another state when you have a job to go but if you do not have any, expect that you need to spend much time searching. It is essential to know that numerous jobs will not look at applications that do not have a licensed in the state so the advice is that you need to obtain a license before you move. You need to get a license as early as possible. When you check out state board of nursing degree sites, there are details that gives your ideas on how long you can able to obtain a license in that state. Sometimes, it takes a couple of weeks or months. Aside from this, if you have compact state license and want to work in your chosen state, the process will be easier.
    Always remember that if you prepare all things you need like license or have applied in that state, you can start your nursing career in there but if you did not, you need to look for job opportunities. Getting nursing degree is a nice thing but when you move to another state, you will not directly work in there unless you applied earlier.


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