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I have to write my career essay. I don’t know even how to start it. Please, help!

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I have to write my essay about my future career, but I don’t know even how to start it. Please, help!

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  1. Yuri Lee on May 31, 2011

    Being asked to write my essay about my career can be tricky because for one, it can get confusing!

    First thing to ask myself when I write my essay is what do I want to do? I should really take time and think about it. After all, this isn’t just about writing my essay but my future plans. What kind of job do I see myself in? I would describe my interests which I think are relevant to the career I want to pursue. Having my interests match the career I want to take on could mean that this job is for me.

    After that, next thing to write on my essay is why I want to pursue that career. Am I doing this because it’s going to earn me a lot of money? Or maybe because there are a lot of job openings for this particular job? Or is it because I really see myself in this line of work? Identifying the reasons why I want to take this kind of career backs up my decision in taking this career. It also helps me think if this is the kind of job I see myself doing in the future.

    The next thing I would do to write my essay would be to set goals. I am going to set short and long term goals so I will be able to attain the career that I want. Short term goals are the plans I want to take action on in the next six to twelve months. Long term goals, on the other hand can extend for years at a time. Short term goals will help me attain the long term goals that I am going to set for myself. Putting it in another way, short term goals refer to the things I want to do NOW while long term goals are the things I will do later on.

    With those in mind, I will be able to write my essay about my career.

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