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I need to write my admission essay about a particular university and the reasons why it perfectly matches me, my goals, my views

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  1. Penny Taylor on Oct 22, 2011

    When I write my essay on a particular university and why I think it is a perfect match for me in terms of my goals and views, I should think about all the colleges and universities that I want to get into. Of course, I must discuss the same school I am going to apply for. The admissions committee of the school that I am applying for would take it against me if I am not consistent with my words. For example, I am writing this admission essay for Harvard University.

    When I write my essay, I can briefly describe the values, the mission and vision of the school. From there, I will align it with my own goals and views. Harvard is a school that is known for its prestige and excellence for so many years. It is also part of the “Ivy League” of schools. I have always strived for excellence in my endeavors. I am a perfectionist so to speak and I exert full effort in all that I do be it academic or extracurricular activities. I try to excel what I do and I do not settle for mediocrity. I am aware of the fact that getting into Harvard is very hard and the acceptance rate is low. This pushes and motivates me to perform well and prove that I am worthy of getting into this school.

    When I write my essay, I should also briefly explain why I want to go to this school. I would like to get into Harvard because not only is Harvard one of the best schools when it comes to my desired program, it is also my dream school. Each student has his or her own dream school that they want to get into and for me, Harvard is that school.

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