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I need to write my comparative essay

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Hi! I need to write my comparative essay. Please, explain me what essays are called comparative. Thank you!

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  1. Sam on Nov 06, 2011

    Writing my essay about comparatives can be challenging and quite tricky. The first thing to do is to come up with a two in one topic. I have to think about two things which can be a person, a place, an event or situation, an idea or anything at all of interest and great familiarity.

    It can be about Soccer and Football, the English version. I can write about Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. I can also choose a topic about a belief or religion. It does not matter how trivial, complicated or even controversial a topic is as long as I know how to put them side by side in harmony and against each other.

    In choosing a topic, it is important that I am very much familiar with it. Otherwise, I will find myself lost for words. This is crucial since I need to compare and contrast the two. So getting the first step right is key. My choice will either drive me in a good direction or the other way around.

    After choosing a topic, I can then proceed in writing my essay about comparatives by drafting an outline. This may not be necessary but is advisable so that the essay writing is structured and organized. However, in doing so, I should think of the two as one. Thinking of the two separately cannot work. Although, I have to differentiate them, I do need to find a connection even in their differences. I also need to think about what they share with each other. And, like in most cases, the differences and similarities should be in three’s. When I write my essay, I have to consider the three-point rule. And once I have this, writing my essay should be a breeze!

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