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I need to write my essay on “disadvantage of summer school”

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I need to write my essay on “disadvantage of summer school”

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  1. Jennifer on Apr 13, 2011

    To write my essay on disadvantage of summer school, I would like to point out, this is the time of schooling in vacation when many other schools have a holiday. This summer school is quite beneficial to the working parents. When both the parents are working and if their child has a holiday they too need to take an off or look for some other options like day care or baby sitter. But when the school provides summer classes the parents are relaxed that their kids are in safe hands. This case holds true for small children.

    Some times when the parents are non working, they might find that sending kids to school in summer is bit costly. A major disadvantage to summer session is that, a student has to pay full tuition for taking perhaps only one course. The classes are much more expensive and the variety of classes is minimal. The courses offered during the summer usually are courses that most students don’t have difficulty getting into. There is a limit to the courses offered, not many courses over 100 series are offered. Some of the courses that are impacted and difficult to get into during the school year should be offered during the summer at least every other year. The courses take more time so it effects your other job timings too.

    Summer is too hot, which brings lesser students to class. So the chance of interaction among the student also decreases which is the main motto of such classes. One other disadvantage is that if you have enrolled for any classes means no vacation. Summer is the time when a student gets a chance to relax and take a real break from school, when they take summer courses, there is less time to do that.

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