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Law & Morality: banks of a river or intermingled concept

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    Writing about Law & Morality is a concerning topic because such two cannot be ever combined, in the real sense. One thing is that they have different principles that they follow. Say for morality, when you say morality, its principles have a concerning distinction about right and wrong behavior, and it varies from person to person. Now when it comes to law, it is specific and does not factor what one may perceive bad or good because it is set in stone and that everyone should comply, if they don’t want to get into trouble.

    So the question on whether they are banks of a river or an intermingled concept, the answer may be the latter. They are intermingling concept in the sense that some of the rules of morality are also enclosed in the law, and that the law recognizes what is good or bad and right or wrong. When it comes to handling a conflict, however, they don’t have the same rules that apply.
    For instance, what one may perceive correct may be incorrect for the law due to its standards. So when it comes to writing essay on Law & Morality, you may want to consider the point you want to bring up and that is something you believe. In your essay then, you may want to take a stand on how these two intermingle as well as how they conflict each other.

    Nevertheless, you should prove your point in the essay by highlighting proofs based on a sound research you did. When done, verify your facts and be able to defend your point using a clear analogy and logic you may want to bring up. Finally, write according to what you believe in when it comes to Law & Morality.


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