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Let’s discuss artificial intelligence! Please help me to write my essay on artificial intelligence!

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Please help me to write my essay on artificial intelligence!

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    Artificial intelligence is intelligence of robots and machines. It is part of computer science field. If you are doing an essay on it, you need to narrow your topic by answering what is artificial intelligence or by doing a research.

    If you do not have a topic on artificial intelligence, here are some basic topics you can choose from. You might want to deal with tools in creating intelligence, everyday use of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence in popular culture. You might also want to discuss about future of AL or problems that we faced in creating AL.

    In writing the essay, it can be argumentative or informative. Argumentative if you want to discuss about the issues on it or informative if you want to discuss more details on it. In writing the essay on artificial intelligence, you need to make a good research. You need resources and use it in your paper. Research makes a good contribution in supporting your points.
    Reflecting is another good way to come up with a good thesis statement of your essay. Basically, you need to ask questions about details you have collected and to check what you can work with. Any answers can become your thesis statement.

    In writing your essay, you need to have an introduction addressing the problem. The next thing is to go with answers and solutions explaining it. Aside from this, make sure that you have a proper formatting, bibliography and citations. If you are not familiar with the style that your professor is using, it is better when you use a format like APA or MLA.

    A good note to remember in writing essay on artificial intelligence is to take your time in writing. Do not hurry to construct a quality paper.


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