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Need to write my essay about Congressman Brad Ellsworth, how do I start one?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    If you are thinking how you will start to write essay about Congressman Brad Ellsworth, you surely have a problem because you need to make sure it is a great one. Brad Ellsworth is not just an ordinary personal but he has many contributions that is why you need to ensure you make a good essay about him.

    In writing essay about Congressman Brad Ellsworth, you can start by telling who he is. Brad Ellsworth is a politician of the US and was the United States Indiana’s 8th congressional district’s representative in the year 2007-2011. And then in 2010, he became a democratic candidate in US senate but defeated by Dan Coats who was a former senator. You can start with this because it is important to tell who the person is.

    Not everybody knows him that is why giving a brief introduction or overview about him is important. When you are in the body section of your essay, this is the time you need to write about his achievements, what he has done, contributions and much more. You can say that in 1982, Brad started his career in Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department. In the past 23 years, he held each merit rank and was decorated twice for heroism.

    Try to add more information and you need to make a research. Just tell important information. Avoid to be focus on who he is. You already mention that in your introduction that’s why you need to add another details. For the conclusion part, wrap up what you have discussed.
    Never include new information and do not forget to read your work again before you submit it. If you do not know who Brad Ellsworth is, search the internet. There are numerous information about him. When you collected what you need, start writing your essay about Congressman Brad Ellsworth today!


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