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Need your help to write my essay! What is western scientific paradigm of medicine please?

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  1. Jack Decker on Mar 03, 2011

    Paradigm has been defined as “…the living model in our mind which we use to understand and explain the world,” (Incao, 2003). The paradigm thus puts into perspective all of one’s assumptions and view of reality. The western scientific paradigm of medicine therefore tries to understand the cause of disease and its manifestation in human beings through research. It is believed that we live in constant fear and we must therefore take control of our own destiny through research and understanding of conditions. It is through this that a condition shall be understood, studied and then treated.

    This medical system is premised on three aspects:
    a) Realism- that in reality, there exists a world which can be measured. Since we were born and brought up in this world, it has affected our thinking and perception in every way although our development has evolved just as the world has. This reality therefore means that any changes in the world have also affected our perception.
    b) Objectivism- that the real world exists independently. We can therefore be able to study it separately from our minds.
    c) Reductionism- the real world adheres to the laws of physics. This means any study’s objectives will be to describe phenomena in relation to their characteristics.
    The western scientific paradigm therefore identifies the body as being a machine which can be studied and repaired. This will then eventually assist in helping to understand its weaknesses, reactions to phenomena and then treat it. This model therefore tried to separate the body and mind and only studied the body.

    Lifestyles have made it hard to just study the body and not the mind. This has presented a challenge to the western scientific paradigm of medicine. However in severe cases, it helps diagnose a disease and treat it, at least before dealing with the root cause of the problem.

    Philip F. Incao, (February 10, 2003). ‘The Paradigm Shift in Medicine and Science.’ Taken from a talk presented at the National Vaccine Information Conference, September, 2002.

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