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Everyone knows a few proverbs, simple sayings that are used to convey meanings beyond just the words being used. Proverbs are sayings that are used to convey simple common sense rules or observations.  Proverbs such as; “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” can be applied to many situations as the point of the proverb is that it does not just refer to a “chain” in this example. “A team is only as strong as its weakest member”, “A government is only as strong as its weakest minister” and a host of other similar meanings could be used as a proverb is often metaphorical in nature.

The introduction to your proverb essays should explain to the reader what a proverb is and what they are for, much as the introduction to this article does.

How to Write an Essay on Proverbs

Your proverb essay could take a few different forms depending on what your tutor has asked you to write or your specific interests. You could talk about the history of proverbs and how they have developed over time. You could talk about the proverbs used in different sayings and even some of the more famous authors of well-known sayings and proverbs such as Confucius.

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Alternatively, you could talk about some well-known proverbs and analyze what they mean and if they are still applicable today, or even if they have any real meaning such as in “a watched pot never boils” which is to do with patience rather than our minds ability to prevent heat transfer. You could also take a proverb and analyze the truth behind it and how it may affect you if you want to make a more personal essay.

An example of this could be “the early bird catches the worm.” There are many ways that you could interpret this and apply it. You could just look at it as general advice to always rise early and work hard to earn your living. You could also look at it as a reference to ensuring that your product or idea is always the first to the market so that you monopolize the initial interest and can be the market leader. Alternatively, you could take the view that you should sleep late to avoid the vicious bird!

What you write within the main body of your essay on proverbs then needs to be all summed up for your conclusion. You can also use the conclusion to add your own personal comments and observations.

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