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Qualities of effective leadership

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To write my essay discussing qualities of a good leader, I would first like to specify what the term “leadership” means. Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. Leader is a person who possess the quality of making others follow his direction. The first and foremost quality to be a good leader is, one should be able to manage the resources so that there is a fruitful outcome. He even needs to be self-confident.

Communication is the key to be a great leader. A leader should be able to convince others by his words so that he can make a good business. The next quality should be honesty. He should be honest with both his employees and the management committee. Another part of his features is integrity. Once a leader compromises his or her integrity, it is lost. That is perhaps the reason integrity is considered the most admirable trait. The leaders therefore must keep it “above all else.” A good leader must always keep motivating his team and get the best outcome. Leaders must have a keen sense to understand that his team members are happy and satisfied.

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“Leadership is a winning combination of personal traits and the ability to think and act as a leader, a person who directs the activities of others for the good of all. Anyone can be a leader, even if the only person they’re leading is themselves.”

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