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Television is a bad influence on children.

To write my essay I need to to bring both the benefit and harm caused by Television.
Television is one of the most influential and important invention till date. It is one of the best indoor entertainment. It is not only a mode of entertainment but many programs provides you knowledge. Direct telecast of all recent news makes us aware of all the activities through out the world. You can watch many cooking and creative shows too. Television is also a mode a advertisement. Seeing the adds, we get to know about different products and their qualities too. You can even watch the movies at a lesser rates than theatre, that saves your money.

If you are addicted of watching television, then it has several harmful effects too. If you spend your whole day watching television, you will less active physically and mentally too. Watching television for long hours can spoil your eyes. Suppose the whole family keeps watching T.V even in their free time there will be no time to talk to each other and there can be a communication gap. It can drift kids away from their parents. Instead of watching television, the better idea is story telling or playing either doors or outdoors. You can even engage yourself into your favourite hobby.

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Television has incredible power but depends on the usage.
Is television influence okay for children?

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