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What are some good persuasive essay topics Please help ASAP?

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How to write my persuasive essay if I have no any idea of the topic?

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  1. Sam on Jun 02, 2011

    To find a good topic for a persuasive essay, I always make sure that I know the market of my essay because it is entitled to implant vision after the logical reasoning.
    If my readers are students, I may write my essay under topics such as:

    • should school uniform be required in public schools?
    • should the years of high school curriculum be extended?
    • should we require physical education in curriculum?
    • is teaching sex education in high school students a right move?
    • legalization of carrying cellular phones in the classroom
    • increase or decrease of education budget

    If I am digging into the scientific community:

    • are there moral bases in human cloning?
    • does continuous moon exploration really makes sense?
    • is using animals for scientific researches legal?
    • legalization of using marijuana for medicinal purposes

    Religious top issues that can be addressed:

    • should we legalize abortion from rape victims?
    • atheism in society
    • role of church in government

    Other society-oriented topics that address the majority are:

    • legalization or illegalization of smoking in public places
    • continuous sending of American troops to the middle east
    • use of death penalty as punishment for criminals
    • should same sex marriage be legalized?
    • impact of Saddam Hussein’s execution in Iraq’s democracy
    • benefits of plastic surgery
    • state of our rainforests
    • usefulness of zero tolerance to prevent violence
    • is war on terror contributing a lot to promote violation of human rights?
    • real score of Barrack Obama as the first black American president
    • our contribution to racism as simple beings

    There are other simple yet considered big issues to write my essay for such as:

    • should downloading for free over the internet be stopped?
    • is my online account protected?
    • use of illegal drugs as ingredients in foods
    • stricter document needs in an immigrant
    • can security check in airports really stop terrorism?
    • is dieting harmful to health?
    • letter writing versus electronic mails
    • role of technology on developing ones ability to be independent
    • the decline of CD sales due to free download.

    Just always remember, double-sided issues and two opinion events are surely great topics in a persuasive essay.

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