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What books will be useful for my essay on copyright law?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    Writing an essay on copyright law entails research and studies because this is a complicated topic to discuss about, being it covering many areas of intellectual property. When writing about it, you should be able to find great sources then so that you can commence writing and that you can back up your claims with information. For that matter, there are some good books to use.

    One is the Copyright, Patent, Trademark and Related State case series that has a comprehensive coverage and updates from the previous version, taking account the judicial, legislative and other developments that have taken place in the industry for years. There is also the Copyright (University Casebook Series) that contains discussion problems and questions as well as well-edited cases that can help you know more for your essay on copyright law. Another is the Copyright in A Global Information Economy, which is the updated version of the second edition. This continues to talk about and explore on copyright law as well as it concentrates on classroom experiences and technological changes.

    These are only a few good books to use for essay on copyright law, but you can actually make use of other library books and sources that can help you with the topic. And because this is a vast topic, choose a specific angle to discuss about so that you can come up with a focused essay on the topic. Remember, it is better to write on a specific area than to discuss the big pie that comprises copyright law. You can talk about copyright for books, movies and so on, but you should be able to pick one angle to talk about to gain focus in your piece.

    Hope this information on how to write the essay on copyright law using above-mentioned references can help you figure out the best direction to take.


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