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What can be my thesis statement if I’m writing an essay on same-sex marriage and supporting it?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    First of all, the thesis statement is your main idea in writing an essay on same sex marriage. It is your guide whether you support or disagree on your topic. It includes information on what you do in order to support it. The thesis statement is up to you.
    If you do not have a thesis statement for your essay on same sex marriage. Here are some of the thesis statements you can choose from. You can have a thesis on “do married couples of same sex have lower divorce rate?” Another is “do same sex couples raise healthy children?” You see there are many issues you can have for your essay. If you want a controversial one, you can have a thesis on “is their validity to concern that children raised in the same ex households are likely to be gay?”

    It is a nice theme for your essay. Take note that the more controversial your thesis, the more that readers will be interested. Whatever they key point of your essay, be sure to support it. You need to present a good essay and you cannot do this if you can’t think of a good thesis statement. A person cannot write an essay without main idea.

    The time you have a thesis statement, support it with evidences or examples. To make your essay strong, research all the information you need. You should take time in reading and taking notes of essential details. If you just provide reasons without supporting, it will not be interesting and appealing. Readers want to know more so when you back up your paper with supports, it makes it magnificent. Start to think of your thesis statement to get started.


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