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What should I write my essay on cold war about?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    The term cold war refers to style of ideological conflict where countries engage into short military conflict at the same time keep diplomatic relations. Cold war is given to period of ideological conflict between United States and USSR during second half of 20th century. With this definition, cold war current exist between South Korea and North Korea.

    There are many things you can write about essay on Cold War. You can focus on the origin of Cold War. If you choose this, you should tell about the history on when it started and what did happened. You can also write about the causes of Cold War wherein there are various causes. First, you can write about the difference between USA and Soviet Russia that lead to Cold War.
    The US cannot tolerate the ideology of communist of Soviet Russia while Russia cannot accept the dominance of US upon other European Countries. Second, you can consider the race of armament between 2 super powers. After 2nd world war, Russia increased its military strength that become a threat to western countries that is why America started manufacturing hydrogen bomb, atom bomb as well as other deadly weapons.
    European countries participated also. Third, write about ideological difference as cause for cold war. The time that Soviet Russia spread communism, it was the time that US propagated Capitalism. This accelerated Cold War. Fourth, Russian declaration is one of the cause of cold war. Russia highlighted communism to mass media and encouraged labor revolution. America, on the other hand helped capitalist against communism. This is one of the reasons for the growth of Cold War.

    There are many things you can write for your essay on Cold War. Just research on what happened during that time or what is the reason why cold war existed. This helps you to write your essay easier and to avoid much time in writing.


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