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What would I need to write for a short essay on a book?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    In writing a short essay on a book, you need to choose what book you want to write about. If you already have a book, determine the length. Writing an essay in a book has predisposed assigned number of words. For instance, the word count is at 500 words. This is enough and allows you to describe the plot of story at the same time disseminating what morals are conveyed and what themes are present. The next thing to do in writing a short essay on a book is to decide what style and format to use.

    Your professor might tell you to use APA or MLA as standard writing style. Either of the two, you need to follow the exact format of writing. If you need to write a 500 word essay using MLA format, you need to use 12 point as font size and Times New Roman. Make sure that all sides have one inch margin and double space.

    Read the book and be familiar about the themes that are used. You need it in writing a short essay on a book. You cannot do this when you do not fully understand the book. It is important that you only begin the writing process when you completely understand what the book is all about. In writing the essay, you are providing information that can be found in the book and you cannot do this when you do not read the book by heart.
    Complete understanding is essential and will be your key in having a good essay. Aside from this there are still other things to remember like you should get rid of mistakes such as grammar, punctuation and spelling. The paper will not be appealing if it is full of errors. Edit, revise and proofread!


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