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What would you write in my essay on prison issues?

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  1. Jack Decker on Mar 03, 2011

    A brief introduction of the penal institution should be given in the essay. This is better correlated with both the judicial and police systems of state. The role played by the institution and the opinion of the author on all roles or one of them should inform the thesis statement. It is a correctional facility which however also acts as a punishment due to the curtailing of one’s individual rights while in detention.

    In most states and countries around the world, overcrowding in penitentiary institutions is the biggest challenge to the system. There are figures available in articles and reports on the overpopulation of institutions which present a challenge to the management.

    Private and public
    Apart from prisons run by the governments, there are also private institutions. Private investors have cashed in on the government’s inability to provide adequate prison facilities for the ever increasing population. Circumstances in these two are however different as the private institutions are paid for time spend by an inmate at their facility.

    Security and contrabands
    The biggest threat to the existence of these penal institutions is security. The most hardened of criminals are housed here and any opportunity can cost a life. Both staff and fellow inmates are constantly at risk of attacks. Jail breaks are always occurring, an issue that can be discussed in the essay. This goes hand in hand with the existence of contrabands in these institutions. Most murders and heinous of crimes are known to be planned in prisons while drug trafficking goes on unabated in most if not all prisons around the world.

    Based on the thesis statement, a personal opinion of the issues discussed can be given.

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