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Who and why should I write my Shakespeare essay on: Malvolio from Twelfth Night or Ophelia from Hamlet?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    I only read Hamlet so I do not know Malvolio from Twelfth Night. If there is enough information about Malvolio, I can somewhat write about him. Even though there is not much a lot Ophelia from Hamlet is interesting. If I would be given the chance to write Shakespeare essay, I would choose Ophelia from Hamlet because why does she need to get a tragic end when she is innocent of all devious characters. In the story, Ophelia goes insane and her boyfriend is bit of nutter himself.

    If you read the two stories, you should better choose what really gets your attention or what really story you want. You can decide to make an essay of the two but when you are required to write one, choose what you really want. For me, I’d rather choose Ophelia because I was amazed about the story. Regardless of the tragic end, it was a beautiful story. I do not know much about Malvolio but if I have the chance to read it, I can still write for it. As an advice, it is better when you choose a story that you really understand so that you can easily write about it.

    It is nice to write Shakespeare essay because you learned from him. Because of his imaginations, there are many things you get to discover. In writing the essay, you need to tell a good story. It is just like summarizing because you need to present the relevant information. You need to have an introduction, a body and conclusion. For me, Ophelia is a good topic to write on your essay but of course you will be the one to make the decision. Read the story first to know who and why you need to write it.


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