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Why is it a sin to kill a mocking bird? (To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay help)?

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  1. Marine on Aug 06, 2015

    To kill a mockingbird is story of innocents that destroyed by evil. The mockingbird represent idea of innocence. Therefore, it is a sin to kill a mockingbird because it means loss of innocence. In the novel, there are many characters that can be identified as mockingbirds, which include Scout, Boo, Dill and Jem. All of them lost their innocence when they became mature because of their childhood experience.

    Tom Robinson is an example of mockingbird because of the injustice he receives. Also, Scout is a mockingbird because she is a five-year old innocent girl whose heart never encountered with evil. As the novel progressed, Scout innocence was taken slowly from her. When her father tried to protect a man who is innocent from convicted of crime that he never committed, she was exposed to racial prejudice and this is the reason that took away her innocence.

    It is a sin to kill a mockingbird because get rid of innocence. Even though a mockingbird is an ugly bird. In the story, many persons are identified as mockingbirds but as the story progressed, it is slowly taken from them because of what they experienced. Apart from this, if you have difficulties in writing your essay, you can get a help from professionals. There are to kill a mocking bird essay help services you can have.

    In writing, you also need to provide justifications. Write that killing a mocking bird means killing the innocence of such person. You are taking away her or his innocence. This is a nice topic and you can make a good essay as long as you understand the essay. Write about the characters that are considered mocking birds and discuss how it was taken away from them. Get started writing your to kill a mocking bird essay now!


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