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Write my admission essay about the person I admire

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  1. Penny Taylor on Oct 18, 2011

    When I write my essay on the person that I admire, I think about the people who have made an impact in my life and the people I look up to. I know that there are a lot of people who have inspired or motivated me so it is hard to identify one single person that I want to talk about when I write my essay.

    When I write my essay, it helps to list down some questions that I want to answer in the essay. It is similar to listing down the objectives of the essay that I am writing. For example, why do I admire this person? Why did I choose to write about him or her? What qualities does this person have that makes me admire him or her? What event has made me realize this or was there any particular event that highlighted my admiration for this person?

    When I write my essay, I will think of that person I am going to write about while writing my essay. This will make my thoughts and my memory of that person clearer. For example, the person that I admire is my father. I say this because my father has been a constant inspiration and has been motivating me in all of my endeavors in life. He supports the decisions I make and the activities that I engage in. When I make a mistake, he does not get angry but rather reminds me to make the most out of it and learn from the experience. Not only that, my father is a hardworking man. He had it rough in life and it was through perseverance that he was able to be where he is now. His hard work pushes me to work hard myself and be a better person in life.

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