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Write my essay on modern genetics is based on the work of Mendel

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Write my essay on modern genetics is based on the work of Mendel

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  1. Jennifer on Mar 10, 2011

    To write my essay on this, I need to have a clear idea about Mendel and his work. Gregor Mendel is called the father of modern genetics. Mendel was the first scientist to examine, in a quantitative manner, the behavior of traits between generations. By looking at the proportions of progeny, he was able to infer the basic trends of modern genetics.

    Mendel began his studies of inheritance with pea plants (Pisum sativum). His work was published 1865;but it went largely unnoticed until its rediscovery in 1900, sixteen years after his death. Mendel’s experiments demonstrated many of the basic principles of genetics, and so, his studies are used to illustrate the first principles of inheritance. Mendel picked common garden pea plants for the focus of his research because they could be grown easily in large numbers and their reproduction could be manipulated. Pea plants have both male and female reproductive organs. As a result, they could either self-pollinate themselves or cross-pollinate with another plant. He considered 7 different variation while his experiment.
    1. flower color ( purple or white)
    2. flower position( axil or terminal)
    3. stem length ( long or short)
    4. seed shape ( round or wrinkled)
    5. seed color ( yellow or green)
    6. pod shape( inflated or constricted)
    7. pod color (yellow or green)

    It is the work of Mendel that gave birth to the idea of heredity. Mendel found several laws which are still used in modern genetics.
    1. the principle of segregation
    2. the principle of independent assortment
    These two principles of inheritance, along with the understanding of unit inheritance and dominance, were the beginnings of our modern science of genetics.

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