Admission Essay on an Intellectual Experience

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Admissions essay should always be written to perfection as they are probably the most important part of the application process. Every other part of your admission package lists grades and other facts and figures rather than telling the selection committee who you are and why you should be selected. Your admission essay must be able to engage those committee members and sell you to them effectively. So, make it attention-grabbing from the first words.  You may start with some joke or interesting story relevant to your personal statement. This easy trick will make your essay stand out the crowd so admission committee will remember it. Also, it helps you to avoid too formal style of writing and make it more gripping. And you can be sure that admission committee will read your paper from the very start to the end.

Writing an Admissions Essay

An admissions essay should be a highly personal essay about you and should be based on the prompt that they will provide you with. In this case “the most profound or surprising intellectual experience.”

This prompt then becomes the idea that will form the basis behind the story that will form your admissions essay. You now need to select an intellectual experience from your past that has influenced you in some way, preferably with regards to your choice of future career which after all that your admissions essay is a route towards.

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No matter what your specific intellectual experience may be for your admissions essay you must still write your essay in a way that is capable of drawing the admissions committee in and seeing you as the very best possible candidate for their course.

Your admissions essay should also include all of the following points:

  • How did this intellectual experience attract you to your chosen profession?
  • When did it happen?
  • In what ways has your interest developed since?
  • Where do you see yourself going in your career?
  • In what ways are you different from the others applying for the course?
  • What influenced your choice of this course/college?
  • What other experiences contributed to your choices?
  • How far do you intend to go with your education?
  • What do the selection panel need to know about you?

These questions should all be answered fully within the body of your essay with your intellectual experience providing that unifying storyline throughout your essay holding it all together.

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