Admission Essay on Invention

Our support representative answers to your question “How to write an admission essay on invention?”

Marine, Support Representative

Writing an admissions essay is never easy as you have to ensure that you impress the reader and make them want to select you for your chosen place. Writing an essay on invention makes it doubly difficult. Inventing a new device requires a huge amount of thought, how do you come up with something that no one else has already thought of?

The other problem is also going to be how do you relate it to the course and the college to which you are applying for the maximum impact within your essay. It would be best if you could come up with an invention that you can relate directly to your future career aspirations.

Researching Your Essay on Invention

Thankfully, for this style of essay it is not required that you create an invention that is feasible and possible to create, just the idea of what you want it to do. A good invention will solve a problem so think about problems within the field of study that you are undertaking.

For example if you are applying to medical school and you are interested in obesity or back problems you may suggest the invention of something as simple as a machine to tie your shoelaces as these groups of people have problems reaching to do this simple act.

You can then relate your invention directly to your own interests and the career that you are intending to follow. They will be looking for your ability to identify and solve a problem rather than the invention itself so think very hard about the problems within your area that are in need of solving; the invention does not have to be complicated, the simpler the better such as the suggestion of a machine to tie shoelaces.

Remember that your essay on invention has to sell you to the admissions committee not sell the idea to them. You are selling yourself and your abilities not the invention within your admissions essay and that should be your focus within your essay on invention.

How We Can Write Your Admissions Essay on Invention

This is probably one of the more difficult admission essays to write as you need to come up with a unique idea with which to form the theme for your admission essay on invention. This is not always possible, especially under pressure; if it were easy to come up with inventions we would not have problems anymore!

Our writers however are highly qualified and experienced writers who have a vast amount of practical knowledge when it comes to writing admissions essays of this nature. We guarantee your satisfaction in using their skills in writing your essay on invention.

They will write according to your needs and will produce a unique and very personal essay that is going to meet the needs of the admissions committee boosting your chances of selection.

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