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From the candy stripped barbers pole to pop up adverts on the Internet, advertising is everywhere we look. But where has it come from and why do we need it? These are some of the questions that you should seek to answer within an advertising essay.

Your advertising essay should start as usual with an introduction; your introduction should tell the reader that advertising is an attempt to influence people into taking a specific course of action, usually to purchase a product or service. The industry is now worth many hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide. If you are going to discuss the history of advertising within your essay then your introduction is where you tell the reader what the main body of your essay is going to discuss.

Writing an Advertising Essay

Writing an advertising essay about the history of advertising will require you to do some research about the many different forms of advertising and how they have developed and changed as the world and business itself has changed and become more globalized.

The main body of your essay needs to highlight 4 or 5 different types of advertising, usually arranged in chronological order as we are talking about the history of advertising. Your initial paragraph could talk about the evidence found regarding posters used for advertising within ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

You could then talk about the various shop signs that have been used since the middle ages such as the barber’s pole or the pawnbroker’s balls.

I would suggest that your final paragraph of your main body talk about advertising on the internet and how you can now reach a global audience with your message.

You then conclude your essay by summarizing all that you have written about so far and adding your own personal observations and maybe some guesses as to how adverting may develop in the future as technology advances still further.

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