Advise me how to write my essay about fascism

When I write my essay on fascism, I should start by defining the concept of fascism. Fascism is a radical and authoritarian political ideology. A fascist advocates a totalitarian single-party state. Fascism is a system of government which is run by a dictator and is under very strict socioeconomic control. The opposition is suppressed through terror and censorship.

After I define fascism, I can add the etymology of the word when I write my essay to add just a little extra information for my reader.

The word fascism comes from the term facismo. It is derived from the Latin word fasces. The fasces was an ancient Roman symbol of the authority of the civic magistrate. It consists of a bundle of rods that were tied around an axe.

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It should be noted that fascism is different from communism. When I write my essay, I will only give a brief comparison because this is not the topic that I have to answer. Communism is an extremist kind of government wherein the state has complete control over the government. On the other hand, fascism still gives partial ownership of businesses to the private sector although it is controlled by the government.

When I write my essay, I can describe the nature of fascism. Fascism is usually described as an “extreme right” ideology. Despite this, there has been a debate on whether or not it borders on communism. Some scholars believe that fascism is influenced by both sides of the political spectrum. Left and right, conservative and liberal are some of the contrasting sides which may have influenced fascism.

Fascism began in1914 during the outbreak of World War I. Italy was one of the countries who pushed for this and it was eventually accepted by Germany towards the time of World War II. Other countries such as Poland and Yugoslavia created governments which borrowed some concepts from fascism.

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